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“Lyme disease nearly killed me…several times. After years of trying every treatment under the sun with little or no success, it was Regenerative medicine that changed everything. I had my life back. Finally, all I had fought for for for so many years, was worth it.

I could be a mom again, a wife again, a friend again, and Myself Again. I am so thankful that I held on and kept fighting. I can’t credit any other form of treatment we tried- not western medicine, alternative medicine,  natural medicine- with results this life-changing, this life-giving.”

-Jenn Boender

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Joint Pain
Shoulder Pain/Injuries
Meniscal Tears
Rotator Cuff Injury

Lyme Disease
Back Pain

Erectile Disfunction

Tennis Elbow
Plantar Fasciitis
Hair Loss

And Many More..



The treatment I had on both my knees was transformational. I am overweight and a terrible candidate for surgery. I have had pain for 15+ years and was told 8 years ago to replace both my knees. NO SURGERY!! NO PAIN MEDS!! I have complete range of motion with both knees and am pain free. If you have a choice between knee surgery or treatment at Regenerative Treatment Centers, I recommend treatment at RTC. I am so amazed to be pain free I have to pinch myself to be sure…lol. I highly recommend this therapy.”

Deborah H

“Before I began my treatment, I was having trouble even walking for 5 minutes. I decided to try one more thing before going under the knife. My friend recommended RTC because of her experience and of course her results. It has been over a year since my treatment and I can honestly say that I am pain free for the first time in over 5 years!

After losing the ability to enjoy my favorite activities, and now being able to do them again, has felt like having a second chance on living. I am not only feeling better, I can actually look forward to the future living pain free. I am so thankful for the team at RTC.”

Jan E

“My pain level was an 8 out of 10 in my shoulder and a 6 out of 10 in both my knees. It has been just a month and I have absolutely no pain in my knees and my shoulder pain is already 50% reduced! I am finally off all my pain medications and can sleep through the night without waking up due to pain.”

Tom R

“I feel amazing the day after my Fountain of Youth IV infusion. Just finished my work out and I feel strong and ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way. I highly recommend this infusion. Oh and the facility and staff are also top notch.”

Diane B

“This team is the best! I have done IV vitamin C and Ozone therapies with them. They truly are remarkable people and treat you like family.”

Courtney O

“I’m enjoying the benefits of getting my Vitamin Injections. They help me have more energy and mental clarity. Dr. Adam, Michaela and Summer are simply AMAZING. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment.”

John O

“I originally sent my husband here for some immune-supportive treatments, but I can say I’m becoming a regular customer too! I hope to send both my parents soon as well. I have seen positive results from ozone therapy and will soon be trying more of the other options offered. The staff is excellent and so caring, and the environment is so thoughtfully designed. Every detail shows that good health is their mission. I’m so grateful to have found this place!”

Liz W

“Can’t say enough good words about this place and everyone there. After searching for alternative ways to help with my injury, I found myself at RTC…ozone injections did wonders for me and got me back going. Now I’d like to say I’m a regular, I love the IV treatments and Metabolic Booster shots to keep this body going pain free and happy.”

Jamie B

“Very comfortable place to get an IV drip. I mostly pop in for a quick Turbo or Vit D3 Booster shot. Staff is friendly. Looking forward to trying their other treatments.”

Zach M

“I have experienced many very positive, wonderful, exciting and would have to say enjoyable treatments at Regenerative Treatment Centers. The team helped me understand the many options I had for treatments for my back. I had already had four epidural injections, physical therapy, and was on a path to surgery. Plus, this isn’t the first series of these injections I have been dealing with this since at least 2003. After hearing the success stories ranging from Lyme’s disease as well as other patients who had had success with knees, shoulders and hips with the reparative and rebuilding therapies at RTC, I decided to see if they might help my back.

After discussing my pain and goals, I felt I should try the treatments. It has only been a few weeks and I have to say I am feeling much better. My strength is better, My overall well-being is better, and my back is better. Injections are just a part of the treatment and I believe the combination of all the IV infusions, the Prolozone injections, and the turbo shots have helped to re-energize me overall.

The surroundings at the Center are very peaceful and the staff is wonderful. I can say that I would recommend their treatments to anyone suffering from chronic pain or anyone facing surgery who would like to have an opportunity of alternative treatment. I want to thank all involved from RTC for being so kind and for helping improve my life.”

Sandy H

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